Sean Mullaney

Sean Mullaney is a Los Angeles based rock vocalist that has been playing live music for the past 10 years and has performed over 1000 shows in that span. He recently joined up with Olivier Zahm in Arizona to produce his debut EP, Lines. Together they worked with songwriter Billy Cioffi and have created something that brings the nostalgia of classic rock into today's rock music scene. The debut music video, "Come With Me" was released in September.

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica / Sean Mullaney
Guitars / Olivier Zahm
Drums / Greg Jacks





Phoenix New Times, December 2015

"This has all the staples of a classic rock song that hails from the 1970s, brilliant vocal gymnastics, searing guitar, and a fantastic rhythm section."
- "The 50 Best Songs Written By Phoenix Bands in 2015"

Uptown Magazine, April 2015

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North Valley Magzine, June/July 2015

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